In this our most extensive collection, we are proud to feature locomotives, rolling stock, and location shots from dozens of independent SHORTLINE railroads both current and defunct, both well known and obscure. Deep South pikes form the core of this collection, but shortlines along the eastern coast and in the midwest are also included. Many lines were photographed during the transition from steam to diesel motive power, and many more feature first- and second-generation diesel-electric movers. Newer collections represent our ongoing quest to capture and represent southern and eastern contemporary shortlines before they are absorbed or abandoned. Here at HawkinsRails, the shortline railroad is king!

he story of American railroads has been told many times, and the ramifications of their growth have been explored by masters in the art of history and storytelling. The flamboyant romance of the our great rail systems has been extolled by learned authors and motion picture studios. But one aspect of America's rail lore has been neglected like a country cousin, and that is exactly what it is: the realm of the shortline country railroads. The very nature of the little pikes makes them unique in contrast to the coldly efficient transcontinental systems. The story of the shortline railroads needs to be told before it is too late. Our little country-cousin roads are quickly disappearing.

Clifton E. Hull, 1969



Transition Era
Bonhomie & Hattiesburg Southern Canton & Carthage Chattahoochee Valley Fernwood, Columbia & Gulf Hartford & Slocumb Mississippian Mississippi Central Mississippi & Skuna Valley Sumter & Choctaw
Ashtabula Carson & Jefferson Ashley Drew & Northern Arkansas Louisiana Missouri Arkansas & Missouri Apalachicola Northern Alexander Ashland The Bay Line Buckingham Branch Chattahooche Industrial East Tennessse Everett Gloster Southern Kiski Junction Louisiana & Delta Louisiana & Northwest Meridian & Bigbee Mississippi Export New Castle Industrial New Orleans Public Belt Sandersville Western New York & Pennsylvania West Virginia Central Yougnstown & Southeastern

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Bonhomie & Hattiesburg Southern Mississippian Mississippi & Skuna Valley Ashtabula Carson & Jefferson Ashley Drew & Northern Arkansas & Missouri Ashland Buckingham Branch Everrett Gloster Southern Kiski Junction Louisiana & Northwest New Castle Industrial New Orleans Public Belt Western New York & Pennsylvania Youngstown & Southeastern