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Alabama Central Railroad

The nine-mile Jasper to Marigold line of the Alabama Central depended on coal and when that was depleted, the #29 and a second engine stopped interchange at Jasper with the Frisco, the Southern, and the Illinois Central.

John Krause, Rails Through Dixie

Alabama shortline

The Alabama Central Railroad served a coal mine about 10 miles from Jasper, Al, where it made a connection to the Frisco (St. Louis San Francisco) and other mainline roads. It hauled coal, most of which went to the generating plants of the Alabama Power Company. The line stabled several 2-8-0 steamers as late as 1960, as well as a wooden ex-Illinois Central caboose. Boomer #29 had a long southeastern shortline heritage: ex Onieda & Western, Chattahoochee Valley, and Birmingham Southern.

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