In this collection, we feature locomotives and rolling stock in both passenger and freight service from mainline operations across the southern and eastern United States. Portions of this collection date back to the transition era of the late 1950s, including several collections of "fallen flags" -- mainline and regional roads that went defunct or were eventually absorbed into larger Class 1 mainline systems.

iding on trains is to him an essentially esthetic satisfaction. He sleeps better in a Pullman than at home. He admires inordinately the ingenuity of their washroom appliances and all the internal economy of the car builders' devising. He is soothed by the cornfields of Iowa or alarmed by the Colorado Rockies when viewed from the lounge of the Forty-niner or the Exposition Flyer. He eats prodigiously in the restaurant car of the Super-Chief and he is gentled and delighted by brews, vintages and strong waters on anything from the Congregational Limited to the Daylight. These are the softer and sissier aspects of his devotion.

Lucius Beebe, of himself, TRAINS magazine, November 1940

Fallen Flags

Southern Railway Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Railroad Louisville & Nashville Railroad Illinios Central Railroad Illinois Central Gulf Railroad Central of Georgia Norfolk & Western Railway Seaboard Coast Line Railroad


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New Orleans Great Northern Gulf, Mobile & Northern Mobile & Ohio
Buffalo & Pittsburgh Gulf & Mississippi MidSouth Rail Norfolk Southern - original

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