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Sandersville Railroad

In 1916, Ben Tarbutton was asked to take over the operation of the Sandersville Railroad by the organizing group. They were getting older and wanted a young businessman to run the company. The owners agreed to sell him the company at a favorable price if he agreed to operate it for five years. Back in those days, the railroad hauled freight, mail, express, and passengers. In the 1930s, it was common practice for railroad officials to exchange passes for passenger rail travel allowing the recipient to ride for free. Ben Tarbutton wrote the president of the Pennsylvania Railroad and asked for a pass. The Pennsylvania Railroad president wrote back that the Pennsylvania covered many thousands of miles while the Sandersville Railroad went only three miles. Tarbutton replied, "Yes, that is true, but my railroad is just as wide!" Ironically, the Sandersville Railroad is still operating today while the Pensy is not.

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Georgia shortline

Located in central Georgia, the Sandersville Railroad operates 9 miles of shortline trackage between a Norfolk Southern (originally Central of Georgia) connection at Tennille and its terminus Kaolin, including many miles of industrial switching trackage along the line. Organized in 1893, the line did not reach its current full length until 1957. SAN remains an active shipper of kaolin, wood chips, and other commodities, and is rare among southeastern shortlines for its stable of two power slugs.

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