Huntsville & Madison County Railroad Authority


HMCR was created in 1984 to continue rail service to industries located along the Seaboard Railroad's recently abandoned tracks in Huntsville, AL. The local industries impacted by the abandonment formed a coalition, and worked with the City of Huntsville and Madison County to create a public railroad authority. The public authority was formed by the State of Alabama, and the Huntsville and Madison County Railroad Authority (HMCR) was created. HMCR subsequently filed an offer of assistance with the ICC, and shortly thereafter became a Class 3 short line railroad. HMCR commenced operations in July of 1984 and has been in continuous operation since.

Huntsville & Madison County RR Authority

hmrc_state The Huntsville & Madison County Railroad Authority is a 14 mile shortline in north Alabama, created in 1984 by its two named goverments -- the city of Huntsville and Madison County -- following the abandonment of a branch line by the Louisville & Nashville Railroad. The HMCR interchanges with the Norfolk Southern in Huntsville and runs south to the town of Norton. At the time of our visit in 1986, the locomotive was kept at the office and small yard at U.S. 231/431 and Church Street, Huntsville. Today the HMCR rosters several General Electric road switchers and handles 500 carloads a year.

HawkinsRails thanks Alabama railfan friend Bob Baudendistel for use of his HMCR photographs

Motive Power

Huntsville & Madison County #527

  • builder:Electro Motive Division
  • model:NW2
  • type:B-B switcher
  • built:Aug 1946, EMD #3626
  • series:1119 produced 1939-49
  • engine:567A (12 cyls. 1000 hp)
  • notes:
  • ex Chicago, Burlington & Quincy #9230
    ex Burlington Northern #527
  • builder

    Huntsville Madison County #8933

  • builder:Electro Motive Division
  • model:SW9
  • type:B-B yard switcher
  • built:May 1951, EMD #14045
  • series:786 produced 1951-53
  • engine:EMD 567 (12 cyls, 1200 hp)
  • notes:
  • ex Lehigh Valley #282
    to Conrail #8933
    to Everett #8933
    to Huntsville Madison County
  • builder


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