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Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railway

Although some of the TAG's most interesting stories dealt with history from long ago, the TAG's influence is still felt. Ask around the small communities the railroad served, and you will likely find the names of men who worked on the TAG before being absorbed into the Norfolk Southern system. These old railroad hands can still list off each TAG milepost just as surely as they know the route through the neighborhood streets to their own home. Although many years have passed, the life the TAG breathed into northwest Georgia is still drawing breath today.

Kevin Dallmier

The Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railway began life in 1890 as the Chattanooga Southern Railway: built to haul coal, iron, and timber. In 1911 the short line from Chattanooga southwest to Gadsden, Alabama, was reorganized as the Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia, later known as a "TAG Route." In 1971 the road was purchased by the Southern Railway, who abandoned the middle portion of the line in the early 1980s. The northern remaining section of the pike, from Chattanooga to Hedges, is now operated by the Chattooga and Chickamauga Railway.

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