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sv_logoShenandoah Valley Railroad

The present day Shenandoah Valley Railroad was originally started in 1866 as the Valley Railroad. In this post Civil-War era, the intention was to build tracks between Harrisonburg, Virginia and Salem, Virginia and to eventually connect to the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad and the B&O Railroad mainline. The B&O provided financial support, supplies and personnel in order to construct the tracks and run the railroad. The tracks between Harrisonburg and Staunton were completed, but costs quickly escalated, forcing construction to a halt and trains to cease operations.

The VRR with the B&O shortly partnered with the Shenandoah Valley Railroad in 1867 for financial support to continue construction. However, due to disagreements between the SVRR and VRR, this deal was terminated. Following years of increasing financial troubles, combined with leadership issues, the partnership between the VRR and B&O ended. The VRR attempted to work with other nearby railroads to complete construction between Salem and Harrisonburg, but with the state of the economy at the time, this was not financially feasible. The VRR finally ended in 1942 when the Staunton to Harrisonburg section was sold to the Chesapeake & Western Railroad.

Shenandoah Valley Railroad

Virginia shortline

The Shenandoah Valley Railroad owns 20 miles of shortline trackage in its namesake valley, from Staunton, Virginia northeast to Pleasant Valley. The railroad maintains a small yard and office in Staunton, where it interchanges freight with the Buckingham Branch regional railroad and CSX Transportation. The shortline also interchanges with Norfolk Southern on the north end of the line. The railroad was purchased from Norfolk Southern in 1993, is currently owned by various local interests, and is currently operated by the Durbin & Greenbriar Valley shortline.


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