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Moscow, Camden & San Augustine Railroad

Due to the close relation of the railroad to the W. T. Carter and Brother Lumber Company, locals suggested that the initials on the side of the locomotive tender stood for "Mr. Carter and Sid Adams," the owner and longtime superintendent, respectively, of the sawmill. The Moscow, Camden and San Augustine never owned much rolling stock; for much of its history it only had one or two locomotives and a combination baggage-coach with space for express, passengers, and a desk for the conductor. Freight traffic, originally lumber from the sawmill and later supplemented by pulp wood or wood chips, was carried in cars provided by its connecting railroad. In 1903 the railroad reported passenger earnings of $500 and freight earnings of $15,000. By 1952 the amounts were $100 and $50,000, respectively.

A Pictorial History of Polk County, Texas, 1846-1910

Texas shortline

Chartered in 1998, the intent of the Moscow, Camden and San Augustine Railroad was to build a shortline between all three of its namesake towns in eastern Texas. Rails were completed from Camden to Moscow by the turn of the century, but the pike never reached San Augustine. Noted for its mixed train service with a wooden combine until 1973, the MCSA stabled a large collection of steam and diesel power throughout its long history on a short line. Champion International acquired the road in 1969. Shops are in Camden, and the MCSA interchanges with the Union Pacific (former Southern Pacific) at Moscow.

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