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Arkansas shortlineArkansas & Missouri Railroad

The A&M began operations in September of 1986. A&M was founded by an investor group dedicated to creating and maintaining a first-class, profitable operation. That simple, but effective, vision continues to drive the A&M's business practices today. Spun off by the then Burlington Northern Railroad, the A&M has since invested millions of dollars to improve service to customers, enhance public and Company safety, and catalyze economic growth in the 139 mile Monett, MO to Fort Smith, AR corridor. Most rail historians recognize the A&M's tracks as part of the old St. Louis-San Francisco (Frisco) Railway system built in the 1880's. Some vestiges remain of the Frisco, most notably in the Fayetteville, Van Buren, and Fort Smith passenger depots. And, at various locations, the true rail researcher can decipher the old bones of intersecting railroads or branches long since abandoned, such as the Cassville and Exeter Railroad and the Frisco's Fayetteville to St. Paul branch.

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The Arkansas & Missouri Railroad was established in 1986 as a Class III railroad operating a 150 mile route from Monett, Missouri south to Fort Smith, Arkansas. The line was a spin off operation from the former Burlington Northern, leasing this former Frisco route to the shortline until it was purchased entirely in 2001. A&M’s corporate headquarters and shops are located in Springdale, Arkansas. Traffic generally consists of grain and feed supplements, paper products, sand, plastic, food products, steel, scrap, lumber, aluminum, and mineral products. Seasonal mixed train and excursion service have been a hallmark of the line. Until 2013 and the purchase of EMD products, the A&M was known in the region for operating a fleet of first and second-generation ALCo locomotives. Interchange is with BNSF, Kansas City Southern, and Union Pacific.

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