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Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri Railway

"Personalized Transportation"
Louisiana shortline

From 1920 to 1991, the Arkansas & Louisiana Missouri Railway operated a 53 mile shortline from Monroe, Louisiana, north through Bastrop to Crossett, Arkansas. The previous operator of the line, organized in 1915 and known as the Arkansas & Louisiana Midland Railway, proved unsuccessful and led to the formation of the A&LM. The line remained an independent operation until 1991, when Georgia-Pacific Corporation organized the Arkansas, Louisiana & Mississippi Railroad to purchase the A&LM. In 2004, shortline operator Genessee & Wyoming purchased several lines in the area, including the A&LM. The shortline carried lumber, paper, forest products, and chemicals. Interchange partners over the years included Missouri Pacific and later Union Pacific, Illinois Central Gulf and later MidSouth, the Fordyce & Princeton, and the now abandoned Ashley, Drew & Northern.

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