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Western New York & Pennsylvania

"Western New York & Pennsylvania" is an admirably explicit geographic locator for the railroad that runs there -- serving a fetching region that is mostly sylvan and rural. However, the name doesn't hint at the railroad's heritage, nor at its biggest claim to fame: an all-Alco diesel roster 19 locomotives strong (including the products of Alco subsidiary and later successor Montreal Locomotive Works). You'll find Cen- turies large and small, with lengthy ownership histories. The youngest was built in 1975, the oldest in 1957. All burble in that distinctive Alco voice.

Karl Zimmermann

wnyp_state_paPennsylvania/New York shortline

The Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad operates regular freight service across the region of western New York and northwest Pennsylvania. The company is controlled by the smaller Livonia, Avon and Lakeville Railroad. WNY&P started operations in 2001 on the Southern Tier Extension, a former Erie Railroad mainline between Hornell and Corry -- a section of railroad owned by a regional authority. Through acquisitions and leases, the WNY&P was extended from Corry to Meadville in 2002 and to Oil City via a branchline in 2006. In 2007, the road leased portions of the north-south "Buffalo Line," a former Pennsylvania Railroad route built by a predecessor of the original, defunct Western New York & Pennsylvania Railway. The two lines cross at Olean, where the shortline maintains a modern shop facility to service its impressive roster of all-Alco power. Interchange is maintained with Norfolk Southern, Buffalo & Pittsburgh, and Oil Creek & Titusville railroads.

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