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Fernwood, Columbia & Gulf Railroad

The FC&G was in reality a very typical and not-too-significant shortline by nationwide railroad standards. Yet for many years it provided needed and more-or-less efficient transportation necessary for economic development in a rural area. It was for those who remember a colorful and delightful little carrier. What a treat it was to ride the cab or caboose on the daily freight, or to witness from track side the pusher engine uncoupling as speed increased at the top of the ruling grade. In latter years of operation one could count on seeing well maintained locomotives and caboose and light iron well aligned and in good repair snaking over undulating grades and through colorful, red clay cuts through the hills. There were few places prettier than the quiet depot and freight house at Kokomo on a spring evening in the rosy light of a setting Mississippi sun.

David S. Price - FC&G: A Colorful Mississippi Shortline

Mississippi shortline

The Fernwood, Columbia & Gulf Railroad was formed in 1920 and operated 45 miles of shortline railroad between Fernwood and Columbia, Mississippi, passing through Tylertown en route. The line was owned by lumber mill interests at Fernwood, the same owners of the nearby Bonhomie, Hattiesburg & Southern. The road transitioned from steam to diesel with the purchase of General Electric 44-ton locomotives, but soon found these units inadequate power for their trains. Later the line acquired a EMD switchers. Like many other shortlines in the Magnolia State, the pike was acquired by the Illinios Central Gulf in 1972 as a part of its originating merger with the GM&O; the line was discontinued in the years that followed. The depot in Tylertown, Ms, is still standing and is in use as a warehouse.

David Price collection

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