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Wrightsville & Tennille Railroad

The Wrightsville & Tennille in Georgia was a surviving trace of the simplicity of operations which for decades characterized little railroads to country places in the Deep South.

Lucius Beebe & Charles Clegg, The Age of Steam, 1957

Georgia shortline

Known as the "Wiggle and Twist" for its meandering right-of-way, the Wrightsville & Tennille Railroad was chartered in 1883 to build a 17-mile branch between its namesake towns in central Georgia. The little pike expanded two more times, such that by the turn of the century it was a 75-mile road stretching to Hawkinsville, Georgia. In 1899 the Central of Georgia purchased the shortline, but it operated independently until 1971, when it was merged into the larger system. Today the line is an active branch of the Norfolk Southern.

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