ltp_state The Louisiana, Texas & Pacific Railroad - Outdoor Division is the 7.5" gauge outdoor riding railway of Gordon Payne and family. Located in southeast Louisiana, the Paynes' backyard pike features a 1000 feet of mainline that forms a dogbone mainline -- return loops on either end of the run. The line begins in the backyard and then makes use of raisesd trestles and bridges to traverse a large area shared with horses. Current LT&P locomotives and rolling stock, all scratch-built on site, pays tribute to favorite New Orleans area fallen flags Southern Railway and Southern Pacific Lines. Operating days throughout the year bring friends and family to the layout for railroading fun. If you share an interest in scale riding train and would like to visit the railroad, contact the webmaster of HawkinsRails and he'll put you in touch with Gordon.

All photography and writing in these pages are by Gordon Payne unless otherwise noted




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