Louisiana, Texas & Pacific Railroad

Riding Rolling Stock

Southern Pacific #338288

Many riding railroads include gondola cars. Riding-scale gondolas can haul most anything, including people, tools, buckets, rail, and anything else you can think of. I guess that's why real railroads have so many. The original LT&P plan called for a gondola, and I patterned it after an old Atlas O scale car acquired in the 1970s.

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Southern Pacific #461282

The scratch built Southern Pacific hopper is built up from an aluminum frame with a birch plywood body. It features PSC details, Mountain Car Co. (MCC) Bettendorf trucks and couplers, and Cannonball bolsters and coupler pockets. The hopper can serve as a riding car for the locomotive engineer. Lettering is by Miracle Graphics.

Louisiana, Texas & Pacific riding car

The LT&P's riding car is very simple, made from 3/4" plywood, 2 x 4s, and a 2 x 8 seat for passenger transport. The car features MCC roller bearing trucks and couplers, along with Cannonball bolsters and coupler pockets. It is painted in a style reminiscent of the Southern Pacific's famous Daylight scheme.

Southern Railway #X362

Southern Railway bay-window caboose #X362 has a 3/4" plywood floor, 1/4" birch plywood sides and roof, and PSC details. Caboose trucks are from Tom Bee, with Cannonball bolsters and coupler pockets and MCC couplers. Lettering is by Miracle Graphics.


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