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Columbus & Greenville Railway

Freight Equipment

With regard to rolling stock for revenue freight service, the Columbus & Greenville seemed for much of its life to swing from pillar to post -- occasionally alleviating long spells of online car shortages with orders for new equipment, as funds allowed. As early as 1922, the C&G purchased its first wooden boxcars: fifteen pieces from an Atlanta builder. A more substantial supply came seven years later, when 300 wooden 40' cars were secured from American Car & Foundry. A larger Pullman-Standard order would come in the late 1950s -- more 40' boxcars, but this time of all-steel construction. Never a shortline to discard with a piece of rolling stock it could otherwise put to use in maintenance service, over the decades a fascinating assortment of equipment has always clustered around the Columbus roundhouse. By the late 1970s, the reorganized CAGY had expanded its post-ICG rolling stock fleet with many new pulpwood racks, covered hoppers, and gondolas -- several examples of which are shown below. Furthermore, like many other southeastern shortlines of the era who participated in freight car leasing plans, by the early 1980s the CAGY had secured well over 1000 freight cars for national interchange service. From tired old outside-brace boxcars to modern all-steel 50' haulers, the Delta Route's rolling stock has been as varied and colorful as its long history.

all photos Pensacola, Fl / 1959 / JCH

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