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Hesston Steam Museum

The Flying Dutchman Scenic Railway
The desire of a few local steam buffs to perpetuate the use of steam power necessitated the purchase of suitable land for an annual reunion. Twenty two acres (our present main show grounds) was purchased and hundreds of thorn apple trees cleared. A dam was built in Mud Creek to form Duck Lake as a source of water for the engines. The group, then called La Porte County Threshermen held their first show and reunion in 1957. Traction engines were the main feature, and provided most of the power. A sawmill was added in 1959, the electric plant in1961, the Browning crane in 1962. At the suggestion of Bruce Achor, a couple of members in 1964 purchased a steam locomotive from Elliott Donnelley of Lake Forest, IL. who took an interest in the accomplishments at Hesston. With his generous financial assistance, during 1965-1968, the remainder of our 155 acre site was purchased, and a unique dual gauge (24"/36") railroad was constructed.

Hesston Steam Museum

Located in northern Indiana, east of Chicago, the Hesston Steam Museum features four different gauges of railroad operations, including miniature live steam and 2.5 miles of narrow dual-gauge trackage. The site also features various non-railroad steam operations, including a sawmill and an electric generating station.

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