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gm_logo In production for less than two years, the GP28/SD28 models from the Electro-Motive Division of General Motors stand as intermediate and unpopular locomotive products between the more popular GP18 and the widely successful GP38 and its Dash 2 successor. All of these models share in common a non-turbocharged prime mover, and a case can be made that the 28s were basically GP35 and SD35 models (produced in the same era) without the turbocharger. The 28 models represented a final departure from the smaller carbody and rounded roof line of the immensely successful GP7, GP9, and GP18 General Purpose line that put EMD on the diesel locomotive production throne. EMD's angular Spartan cab -- new to the 28s and the 35s -- would become the standard GM look for several decades, until the mass adoption of the wide nose safety cab now taken for granted on modern motive power. But despite its clean lines and what would become that familiar EMD road switcher look, neither the GP28 or SD28 proved to be a big seller: less than four dozen would roll off the LaGrange, Illinois, assembly floor in 1964 and 65. By contrast, main and shortline railroads alike would scoop up the later 38 series by the hundreds. Even so, several 28 models found work on Deep South short hauls like the Columbus & Greenville, the Missisippi Central, and later the Georgia Pacific shortlines in Arkansas.

General Purpose 28

  • builder:Electro Motive Division
  • model:GP28
  • type:B-B road switcher
  • built:Mar 1964 - Nov 1965
  • production:16 US, 10 Mexico
  • engine:EMD 567D1 (16 cyls, 1800 hp)
  • engine range:275-800 rpm
  • cylinders:8 1/2" x 10" each
  • aspiration:roots type aspiration
  • wheelbase:41'
  • size:56'2" long, 15' high, 10'3" wide
  • weight:280,000 lbs
  • fuel capacity:1700 gals
  • generator:EMD D32
  • traction motors:(4) EMD D-47
  • notes:
  • two radiator fans and two small stacks
    3' shorter than GP38 series carbodies

Special Duty 28

  • builder:Electro Motive Division
  • model:SD28
  • type:C-C road switcher
  • built:Jul 1965 - Sep 1965
  • production:6 US, no international
  • engine:EMD 567D1 (16 cyls, 1800 hp)
  • engine range:275-800 rpm
  • cylinders:8 1/2" x 10" each
  • aspiration:roots type aspiration
  • wheelbase:48'
  • size:60'8" long, 15' high, 10'4" wide
  • weight:390,000 lb
  • fuel capacity:1200 gals
  • generator:EMD D32
  • traction motors:(4) EMD D-57
  • notes:
  • two radiator fans
    10 handrail posts along long hood
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