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ocsr_logo1Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

Founded by Scott and Kim Wickert in 2003, the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad has grown from its humble beginnings dodging freight trains in Garibaldi on weekend runs to Rockaway Beach and Wheeler to the sole operator of 46 miles of the railroad between the Tillamook airport and a point 2 miles east of the railroad siding of Enright in the Oregon Coast Range. The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad offers excursions operating daily in the summer months and special excursions operating year round. While we have grown significantly, some things haven't changed: tickets are still bought onboard the train in the caboose that doubles as ticket office and gift shop. Gifts include shirts, hats, sweaters, toy trains, pins, and much more. While the freight trains are gone, the scenery is still second to none.

Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad

Oregon Tourist Railroad

The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad is a non-profit museum organization operating 49 picturesque miles of former Southern Pacific trackage, leased from the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad. Regularly scheduled tourist trains are operated between Gairbaldi and Rockaway Beach in the summer months, usually with steam power, and special event trains are run throughout the year over the rest of the line. The branch line extends from the TIllamook Air Museum blimp hangar on the south side of Tillamook, north through Garibaldi to Rockaway Beach, then on to Wheeler where the tracks turn east along the remote Nehalem and Salmonberry River canyons.


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