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Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum

NKP is the AAR reporting mark for the Nickel Plate Road (New York, Chicago & St. Louis Railroad Company) which ran through Bellevue from 1882 until 1964, when it merged with the Norfolk & Western Railway. Bellevue was a hub for the Nickel Plate operations and a division point for the railroad's Buffalo to Chicago route. Bellevue housed the principal classification yards, the largest roundhouse in the system, all maintenance of way equipment for the road, the principal icing station, an engine terminal for both diesel and steam, headquarters of the general superintendent, and facilities that were used by four of the Nickel Plate's divisions.

Mad River Museum website

Ohio museum

Located in Bellevue, Ohio, the Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum was formed in the 1970s and today maintains a collection of static locomotives and rolling stock with ties to the various railroads that once plied central Ohio and the greater midwest region. As it was for most of the previous century (Nickel Plate, Norfolk & Western, etc.) the town of Bellevue remains for the Norfolk Southern a major mainline division point, hump yard, and locomotive maintenance facility.

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