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Eastern Shore Railway Museum

In 1884 the New York, Philadelphia and Norfolk Railroad (NYP&N) constructed a railroad line down the middle of Virginia's Eastern Shore which eventually connected to the Tidewater area via a barge system. The Town of Parksley, a planned community along the railway, was established in 1885. The original station was built in 1894. The original station was two-stories with agent housing on the upper floor. The station was moved when a new station was erected in 1906. This building was razed in the 1960-1970 timeframe. The current station was formerly the Hopeton, Virgina Station and was located 2 miles north of Parksley. In 1988, the Hopeton Station was donated to the Town of Parksley and relocated to the present site which is the site of the original station. At this time,the Eastern Shore Railway Museum was formed.

Eastern Shore Railway Museum

Virginia museum

Located on the eastern peninsula of Virginia, the Eastern Shore Railway Museum exhibits historic rolling stock, structures, and equipment associated with various fallen flag rail lines that operated on and around the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

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