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Mt. Washington Cog Railway

Mt Washington Cog Steeped in history, this marvel of 19th century technology and modern innovation is an exhilarating voyage through landscape and nature. The Mount Washington Cog Railway, a National Historic Engineering Landmark, is a "must do" for any visit to New England. Magnificent scenery...efficient new biodiesel locomotives and the classic steam engine ...combined with a spectacular climb up the highest mountain in the Northeast. When you ride The Mount Washington Cog Railway, you're in for an unforgettable adventure.

Mt. Washington Cog Railway

New Hampshire tourist line

As early as 1858, Sylvester March envisioned a geared narrow-gauge railroad line that would ascend New Hampshire's daunting Mt. Washington -- a 6288 foot summit. The track runs along a steep, 3.1 mile long trestle whose ruling gradient is over 37%, making it the second steepest mountain climbing train in the world.  The Cog is the only railroad on earth whose entire run is built on a trestle, and rosters a collection of geared steamers that date back as far as 1874.

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