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Age of Steam Roundhouse

As a young teen, Jerry Jacobson loved to watch the Baltimore & Ohio steam locomotives operating on the Akron Division run through his hometown of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. He was fortunate, as this stretch of B&O main line was the track where Steam fought its last stand in 1957 on the B&O. Jerry was even more fortunate one day when he was invited to ride in the cab of B&O Mountain-type 4-8-2 No. 710 as it switched out cars from the local freight it was pulling. Unfortunately, the B&O shut down the last of its steam locomotives later that year. From that moment on Jerry dreamed about how great it would be to own his own steamer.

Knowing that he would have to own his own railroad in order to run his own steam locomotives, in 1988 Jerry bought a 90-mile railroad and named it Ohio Central. Twenty years later his Ohio Central Railroad System had grown to ten individual freight-hauling railroads, 84 diesels, ten steam locomotives, and two dozen heavyweight and lightweight passenger cars. The highlight of the OC was the daily-except-Sunday steam-powered summertime tourist passenger trains that operated seven miles from Sugarcreek to Baltic.

The Age of Steam Roundhouse

The Age of Steam Roundhouse is a steam locomotive restoration, maintenance, and interpretation facility, located along the Ohio Central mainline south of Sugarcreek, Ohio. Created in 2008 on former farmland, the facility features a working turntable, an 18-stall roundhouse, and a steam backshop. All of the rolling stock -- including steam locomotives, diesel locomotives, and passenger cars -- are the private collection of Jerry Joe Jacobson, former chief of the Ohio Central shortline system.

Aerial photos from Age of Steam Roundhouse website / Sugarcreek, Oh / 2012

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