Newport Industries

ni_state Newport Industries was a stump mill operation located in Pensacola, Fl. They employed a Hiesler 0-4-0 "fireless" tank locomotive for switching inbound gondolas of pine stumps and outbound tank cars of turpentine. Common in industrial settings with short distances, "fireless" locomotives took on steam from a stationary boiler and did not make use of an onboard fire and grate. The operation interchanged with the St. Louis - San Francisco Railroad, the "Frisco".


In 1960 I worked for Gulf Power in Pensacola, Florida, and I worked with another railfan named Pard Lively. Pard had a buddy that worked at Newport Industries, and when that guy found out that Pard liked trains, he invited him over to see the plant shifter at work. I tagged along. We went over one day on our lunchbreak, and watched the little 0-4-0 shuffle around tank cars of turpentine. Even a little fireless loco can make quite a nice scene when it first gets going.