Montgomery, Alabama


In 1886 the Capital City Railway Company began service in downtown Montgomery with America's first city wide Electric Trolley system. Soon to be known as the "Lightning Route," the system enjoyed and still does presently enjoy a great success. In 1936, after nearly fifty years of service, The Lightning Route was replaced by buses. The Lightning Route went back into operations by a private company in the 1980's and is fully operational today by the City of Montgomery. The City of Montgomery purchased the Montgomery Area Transit System in 1974 and contracted the American Transit Corporation to operate the system.

Montgomery Transit

mont_state For exactly 50 years, the city of Montgomery, Alabama operated a municipal streetcar system under the name Capitol City Street Railway Company. Dubbed the "Lightning Route," this system was the first city-wide application of electric streetcars in the United States. This early public transportation system made Montgomery one of the first cities to depopulate its central residential areas through transportation-facilitated suburban development. Developed in 1886, the system operated until 1936 when it was replaced by municipal buses.


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