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Mississippian Railway

Bentonite Baldwins


Known for years as the "Bentonite Road" - a clay bonding material shipped on the MSRY - the 24-mile Mississippian has always been a railfan favorite. John made several trips to northeast Mississippi to see the line between 1960-1970. For much of its life, the Mississippian stabled a handsome pair of ex-Frisco Baldwin kettles (originally Jonesville, Lake City & Eastern), operated by two brothers who not only alternated engines each month but also monthly reversed their respective duties in the cab. Eventually, the Baldwins were replaced with Alco switchers. The road's shops and mainline connection are at Amory, Ms. This Mississippi shortline survives today, making interchange with the big BNSF at Amory, Ms. The two steamers survive as well, in excursion service when not in storage waiting rebuilding.

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