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Gulf, Mobile & Northern

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In 1930, Tom Martin, then editor of the Gulf, Mobile and Northern News, described the growth of the line he worked for in these words: "The story of the Gulf, Mobile and Northern Railroad is the story of the post-war South -- of small and difficult beginnings undertaken by men of courage and of vision, of many vicissitudes; but of progress in the face of apparently insuperable difficulties." In 1930 it could be said that the GM&N truly had made progress. In 1920 such a statement might have been open to question. No one, however, could ever question that part of Martin's statement about small and difficult beginnings, for no railroad could have had a much more difficult start than the pieces of lines which by 1920 had been merged into the GM&N.

James H. Lemly

The Gulf, Mobile & Northern Railroad was a predecessor line to the Gulf Mobile & Ohio system, comprising the New Orleans, Mobile & Chicago and the New Orleans Great Northern. Formed in 1917, the backbone of the GM&N was a north-south mainline from Jackson, Tennessee to Mobile, Alabama. A branching main line extended west and south from Union, Mississippi to New Orleans, Louisiana -- reached by trackage rights over the Southern Railway. The GM&N also connected the junction at Union to Meridian, Mississippi by a short eastward extension. The GM&N ran an unusual streamlined trainset known The Rebel from Jackson to Mobile, with a section that extended to New Orleans. In 1940 the GM&N merged with the Mobile & Ohio to become the Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad.

1938 system map

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