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cg_heart_logoColumbus & Greenville Railway

Between 1924 and 1945 -- the first two decades of the original, independent Columbus & Greenville -- the Delta Route powered all of its trains with second-hand steam locomotives. Indeed, it would not be until the historic Baldwin road-switcher order of 1945 that the C&G could afford new equipment delivered to Columbus from the factory. As for steam, the principal year of acquisition was 1923, shortly after forming the company, when the road secured from several sources a large batch of Consolidations, Moguls, and Ten-Wheelers to move both its freight and passenger movements. Seven locomotives were purchased from former parent Southern Railway, and an impressive 23 steamers were secured from mainline neighbor and interchange partner Mobile & Ohio. The early 1930s saw another batch of ex-Mobile & Ohio Ten-Wheelers, and in 1938 Columbus forces purchased six more 4-6-0s -- ex Atlanta, Birmingham & Coast locomotives secured through an Atlanta equipment dealer, these Ten-wheelers heavier than all previous. One year later, the C&G made what would be its final steam purchase, securing six handsome Mikados through a dealer from the bankrupt Ft. Smith & Western in Arkansas. More powerful and reliable than any previous power, the Mikes served the road well right up into the Baldwin diesel era.

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