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Alabama Central Railroad

The nine-mile Jasper to Marigold line of the Alabama Central depended on coal and when that was depleted, the #29 and a second engine stopped interchange at Japer with the Frisco, the Southern, and the Illinois Central.

John Krause, Rails Through Dixie

Alabama shortline

As noted by Krause, the Alabama Central served a coal mine about 10 miles from Jasper, Al, where it made a connection to the Frisco (SLSF) and others class one roads. It hauled coal that went mostly to the generating plants of the Alabama Power Company. The line stabled several old 2-8-0 steamers as late as 1960, not to mention a handsome wooden ex-IC caboose. Old No. 29, shown below, had a long southeastern shortline heritage to boast: ex Onieda & Western #29, Chattahoochee Valley #35, and Birmingham Southern #35.

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