Mississippian #77

77_art Mississippian #77 was one of two well-known shortline Consolidations that rambled northeast Mississippi rails for nearly two decades. Her resume' is a long one: shortline service on Arkansas' JLC&E, mainline running on the Frisco, then back to shortline power for the Mississippian ... followed by various excursion and tourist hires in the years that followed. When the Mississippian gave up steam in the late 1960s, #77 was saved from the scrapyard by the North Alabama Railroad Club. The club purchased the little 2-8-0 and ran several trips around north Alabama in the late 1960s and early 70s. Living in Huntsville at the time, John photographed the engine on several of those north state excursions. A broken axle eventually sidelined the steamer from excursion work, and she was held in storage until the early 1980s.

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Mississippian #77

  • builder:Baldwin Locomotive Works
  • arrangement:2-8-0 Consolidation
  • built:Dec 1920, Baldwin #54266
  • fuel:coal/water
  • notes:
  • blt Jonesboro, Lake City & Eastern #41
    to Frisco #77, 1926
    to Mississippian, 1947
    to North Alabama Railroad Club, 1967
    to Magnolia State Railway, 1984
    to Central Western Railway, 1989
    currently Alberta Prairie #41
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