Columbus & Greenville Railway

Trains in Action

The 1933 Columbus & Greenville passenger timetable indicates six daily passenger trains in service on the Delta Route. Trains 11 and 12, the daily Deltans, were timed to depart and arrive Columbus in the early afternoon, in coordination with the Southern Railway's daily service between Columbus and Birmingham, Alabama. Usually powered by one of the road's handsome little Ten-wheelers, the Deltans remained in daily service across Mississippi until 1948. The 1933 timetable also lists four other passengers trains, each operated with gas-electric motorcars. Trains 9 and 10 ran the length of the line between the C&G's namesake towns, while Trains 7 and 8 operated between Winona and Greenville.

In addition to extras and switching jobs along the line, the two standard scheduled daily fright movements on the Delta Route were Trains 51 and 52. For many years powered by the road's sturdy Mikados, in the diesel era, at least up to the ICG purchase, trains were led by Baldwins or a lone SD28.

1933 passenger trains

1951 freight trains

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