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Columbus & Greenville Railway

1989 NRHS Special

In the fall of 1989, the Southeast Louisiana chapter of the National Railway Historical Society partnered with the Columbus & Greenville Railway to operate an NRHS special from Greenwood, Mississippi eastward to Eupora -- a distance of 60 miles (see map below) and a climb in elevation of 250 feet. In addition to its own business car, the railroad secured three additional pieces of passenger equipment to complete the consist. The excursion took place on the first Saturday of December, leaving Greenwood in the early morning and arriving at Eupora near dusk. Highlights of the day included a photo runby, a lunch stop in Carrollton, and a meet with a westbound freight movement.

NRHS movememt map

Greenwood, Ms

Along the line


Photo run-by


Meet with westbound freight

In the afternoon, a meet was staged in order for the daily westbound freight to pass the NRHS special. Because the chosen siding was short, the passenger train went into the hole to allow the larger freight to pass by. It is likely that this meet was the first passenger-freight meet to occur on the Columbus & Greenville in 50 years. Conductor Bob Gray is seen on the left of the approaching train; NRHS train brakeman on the right.

Along the line