Columbus & Greenville Railway

Chris Martin gallery

July 2017

martinTerrific little railroads inevitably form terrific lasting friendships among railroaders and railfans who gather around them. Such is the case in my meeting Chris Martin, fellow Delta Route lover, fellow railroad photographer, and fellow social media surfer. It was Chris who helped form the official Columbus & Greenville fan page on Facebook, and who invited me into that group early on as a fellow administrator. Since then I've come to appreciate Chris' great love for the "Railroad That Cares," his knowledge of her long history, and his terrific eye for a beautiful railroad portrait. I'm so grateful for his willingness to share some of his excellent Columbus & Greenville photos with HawkinsRails. About the final days of independent operation on the CAGY, Chris has written:

I offer a great thanks to the people of the little railroad that ran as it's old slogan stated, "Through The Heart Of Dixie." Your efforts were my and so many others privilege to witness through the brightest of days and deepest of struggles. Thanks for the friendships you created. Thanks for the memories and may they be carried on and not forgotten from here. Thank you.

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