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Oregon Rail Heritage Center

of the Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation

Our Mission: To provide for the preservation and public enjoyment of Portland's historic locomotives, railroad equipment, and artifacts, and to educate the public about Oregon's rich and diverse railroad history. The new facility is the hub of rail activity: the Oregon Pacific (shortline) and Union Pacific (mainline) railroads, and the Eastside Streetcar and (soon to be completed) Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail stations. When the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail line is completed, the Oregon Rail Heritage Center will be surrounded by over a hundred years of rail activity on all sides.

Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation


The Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon, composed of several all-volunteer groups dedicated to maintaining vintage railroad equipment with ties to the region. The ORHF oversees the preservation of three steam locomotives, all of which are owned by the city of Portland: Southern Pacific #4449, Spokane, Portland & Seattle #700, and Oregon Railroad & Navigation #197. All three engines were donated to the city in 1958 and were displayed in Oaks Park in southeast Portland until restored to operation or moved to the ORHF facility. Portland has the distinction of being the only city in the United States to own operating mainline steam locomotives, yet each locomotive has its own partner non-profit organization with a group of volunteers who tend to its upkeep. In addition to steam locomotives, several vintage passenger cars formerly owned and operated by the Great Northern Railway and the Southern Pacific Railroad are owned and maintained by the Northwest Rail Museum and the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.

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