Forest & Western Railroad

fw_state Located in central Virginia, the Forest & Western - Backyard Division is the scale riding railroad of Chris Schieck. Begin in 1978, the dual-gauge mainline (4 3/4" and 7 1/2") has over the years grown to a length of 2200' and includes numerous wooden trestles, turnout arrangements, and return loops. An Armstrong turnable and car storage barn are located at the end of the one of the mainline legs. Motive power includes a handsome home-built 4-6-0 ten-wheeler steam locomotive, a sturdy GP7, and a tidy electric switcher. Schieck has also built the Indoor Divison, an freelanced HO scale layout representing the areas served by the Pennsylvania Railroad, Norfolk & Western Railway, Southern Railway, and the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, such equipment of any of these roads looks at home on the railroad.

Motive Power


The engine is a Maryland and Pennsylvania 4-6-0, modeled after their numbers 27 and 28. It was built in the Forest & Wwestern shop between 1981 and 1998 using a few castings from Allen Models (cylinders) and Little Engines (drivers). Most other parts were fabricated or cast from Forest & Western patterns.

Chris Schieck

Rolling Stock

Mainline Running

Forest, Va / Apr 2008 / RWH

Forest, Va / Apr 2008 / RWH

All mainline images above at Forest, Va / Spring 2008 / RWH and Chris Schieck


Forest, Va / Apr 2008 / RWH



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