Annetta Valley & Western Railroad

Route of the Southern Belle

avwr_state The Annetta Valley & Western Railroad is an outdoor scale-riding layout located west of Ft. Worth, Texas, and features a 9000 foot mainline round trip and 19 bay locomotive servicing facility. The railroad and its club members are a part of the Southwestern Live Steamers, a a non-profit model railroad and live steam club founded in 1972 and focussed on the state of Texas.


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The purpose of the Annetta Valley & Western Railroad Club is to provide fellowship with other members who are active railroaders in 7-1/2" gauge live steam and diesel-type operations, and who desire to operate on a point-to-point railroad using communications, train orders, timetables, dispatcher control, and other prototypical railroad procedures to provide as realistic as possible operation of trains.

Annetta Valley & Western Railroad Club


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