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Amtrak Route Scrapbooks

Capital Limited

amtk_route_EmpireBuilder The Capitol Limited is one of two Amtrak trains connecting Washington, D.C., to Chicago, running 764 miles via Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Service began in 1981 and the new daily operation was named after the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad's famous Capitol Limited, which was retired in 1971 upon the formation of Amtrak. Today the train carries the Amtrak train numbers 29 (westbound) and 30 (eastbound), which were previously assigned to the discontinued National Limited. Between Washington and Pittsburgh the train follows the original Baltimore & Ohio route, now CSX Transportation. West of Pittsburgh, however, the current Capital transfers to the Norfolk Southern's former Pennsylvania RR mainline across northeastern Ohio toward Cleveland. West of Cleveland, the train continues on Norfolk Southern trackage all the way to Chicago. Prior to 1990 and during years when it was combined with Amtrak's defunct Broadway Limited, west of Pittsburgh the Capital travelled through Canton and Lima, Ohio, to Fort Wayne, Indiana, and on to Chicago. After 1990, the train was rerouted to its current routing through Ohio when Conrail announced plans to abandon some require trackage on the west end of the route. The daily Capitals make use of Amtrak's standard long-distance double-decker Superliner equipment: sleepers, coaches, a diner and a lounge. A baggage car typically trails two or three locomotives. In lighter travel seasons, a shorter consist with one locomotive is sometimes used. The Capital Limiteds are the only trains that service Washington DC with the taller Superliner equipment.
Combining impressive geologic formations, man-made wonders and rich American history, this route is rife with feature attractions between the "City of Broad Shoulders" and its terminus in the nation's capital and city of magnificent monuments, Washington, D.C. From orderly farms in the heartland to spectacular views of the mountains above Pennsylvania and West Virginia valleys, the scenes are unforgettable. Today, their quiet beauty belies the ferocity of the many Civil War battles fought in and around the area. From striking rock formations to national historic landmarks, the Capitol Limited presents a journey upon which you will continue to reflect for some time to come. So relax and enjoy this unique view of Americana from your picture window!



Capital Limited map / web


1948 B&O timetable

capital_ad1 capital_ad3

B&O system map / web


2016 timetable / collection

Amtrak #30 consist -- November 4, 2016

Amtrak #93

Cumberland, Md / Nov 2016 / RWH


Amtrak #148

Cumberland, Md / Nov 2016 / RWH


Amtrak #61009

baggage / Cumberland, Md / Nov 2016 / RWH


Amtrak #32095

sleeper / Cumberland, Md / Nov 2016 / RWH


Amtrak #37012

diner / Cumberland, Md / Nov 2016 / RWH


Amtrak #33006

lounge / Cumberland, Md / Nov 2016 / RWH


Amtrak #34016

coach / Cumberland, Md / Nov 2016 / RWH


Amtrak #31027

coach / Cumberland, Md / Nov 2016 / RWH

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