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amtk_route_AutoTrain Auto Train is an 855-mile-long scheduled train service for passengers and automobiles, operated by Amtrak between Lorton, Virginia (near Washington, D.C.), and Sanford, Florida (suburban Orlando). Although there are similar services around the world, the Auto Train is the only one of its kind in the United States; it is also the only north-south Amtrak train in the east to use Superliner equipment. Passengers ride in coach seats or private sleeping car rooms while their vehicles (car, van, sport utility vehicle, motorcycle, small trailer, or jet-ski) are carried in enclosed automobile-carrying freight cars, called autoracks. The train has a maximum capacity of 320 vehicles and includes lounge and dining cars. The service operates on CSX Transportation as train 53 southbound and 52 northbound, and is operated non-stop between its terminals. Amtrak's Auto Train is the successor to an earlier similarly named service operated by the privately owned Auto-Train Corporation in the 1970s. A typical train uses 2-3 Genesis locomotives, 1 transition sleeper (for the crew), 6 sleepers, 1 diner and 1 lounge for sleeper passengers, 4 coach cars, and 2 diners and 1 lounge for coach passengers, and the 20-30 autoracks on the rear.


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Ride the Auto Train with Your Car

The Auto Train transports you and your car (or your van, motorcycle, SUV, small boat, jet-ski or other recreational vehicle) nonstop from the Washington, DC area to sunny Florida, just outside of Orlando. This IS the best way to drive I-95. And remember, you can pack your car as if it were your suitcase.

Save 900 Miles of Driving, Gasoline and Wear and Tear on Your Car

But bring it with you. Leave the worries of long-distance driving behind. Onboard the Auto Train, you'll enjoy a stress-free journey by rail, skipping the traffic congestion on I-95. Put your feet up. Read a book or enjoy free Wi-Fi. Take in the scenery. While you and your family travel in comfort, your vehicle rides along in an enclosed auto carrier. And now, our auto carriers offer even greater capacity to better accommodate your SUV or van.


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Sanford, Florida

Amtrak #839

  • builder:General Electric
  • model:P42DC
  • type:B-B passenger unit
  • built:Dec 1993, GE #47307
  • series:321 produced 1992-2001
  • engine:GE 7FDL16 (16 cyl, 4250 hp)
  • notes:
  • 1 of 44 blt as P40DCs then rebuilt P42DC
    1 of 8 assigned to Auto Train service
  • builder

    Amtrak #506

  • builder:General Electric
  • model:P32-8 "Pepsi Cans"
  • type:B-B passenger unit
  • built:Dec 1991, GE #46842
  • series:20 produced in 1991
  • engine:GE 7FDL-12 (3200 hp)
  • notes:
  • 1 of 20 in Amtrak P32-8 order
  • builder


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    Will Hankins

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    Will Hankins

    Ashland, Virginia

    Lorton, Virginia


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