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Natchez, Urania & Ruston Railroad

A few native Louisianans became involved in the early lumbering industry. At age 21, Henry Hardtner of Pineville entered the lumbering scene in 1892 with $1,000 capital. Hardtner quickly parlayed his investment into a small sawmill 30 miles north of Alexandria. In 1896, Hardtner established a mill at a site that he named Urania. To provide access to new tracts of timber, a railroad was built. Although it was only 8 miles long, Hardtner listed the "Natchez, Urania and Ruston Railroad" on his letterhead. As president, he enjoyed pass privileges on other lines.

The Piney Wood Journal

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The Natchez, Urania & Ruston Railroad was an 8 mile long lumber shortline in central Louisiana.