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logo Kasgro Rail Corporation provides shippers with one of the most modern fleets of heavy-duty flatcars in the world, and we're proud to do so while offering world-class service that is unparalleled in the dimensional shipping industry. With over 300 years of combined experience in railroading, engineering, finance, traffic and car construction among its key executives, and 100's of the newest cars in existence, the Kasgro team can offer its clients service that is unparalleled in the dimensional shipping industry.

Kasgro Rail Corporation

ncir_state The Kasgro Rail Corporation builds, maintains, and manages a fleet of nearly 500 specialty railcars used for transporting oversized and/or heavy "dimensional" loads anywhere on the domestic railroad system. The 11-acre New Castle, Pennsylvania, facility constructs and repairs the fleet of standard, articulated, and depressed-center flatcars, and an office located in Indiana coordinates fleet management. The New Castle facility sits adjacent to CSX Transportation's New Castle yard along the Shenango River. Switching and fleet storage is provided by the New Castle Industrial Railroad, which provides Kasgro with interchange to CSX Transportation, Norfolk Southern, and the Buffalo & Pittsburgh.

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Flat-Deck Cars

Depressed Deck Cars

Spotlight: Red 'n Ready

Kasgro Rail Lines #123600

  • builder:Kasgro Rail Corporation
  • model:FD/12
  • type:12-axle depressed center flatcar
  • capacity:625,100 lbs
  • length:113' long (34' for loading)
  • notes:
  • cushioned draft gear
  • journal_rwh
    December 2016

    You cannot miss a new Kasgro car fresh out of their shop. The bright red pops on the landscape, set against all the rust browns and drab grays of a post-industrial town like New Castle. Kasgro #123600 is so new, in fact, that its wheels have that fresh coat of factory rust and that body red glistens without even a trace of road grime. You won't even find this flatcar on their official roster; I bet it has not moved more than a mile from its foundry. This flatcar is the newest example of a hundred or more KRL cars tucked away all over town, spotted and stored by the New Castle Industrial until dimensional duty calls.

    all photos above at New Castle, Pa / Dec 2016 / RWH

    Specialty Cars


    New Castle Industrial Railroad

    The New Castle Industrial Railroad provides switching and storage services for Kasgro Railcar Corporation's New Castle, PA, facility. The shortline handles Kasgro movements between the KRL facility and two Class 1 interchanges -- CSX Transportation and Norfolk Southern. Storage of KRl fleet cars is maintained on numerous sidings around the railroad; dimensional cars are frequently pulled from and placed into storage as business requires.

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