Gulf Power Company

gpc_state Mid-century, Gulf Power Company served the panhandle of Florida with electrical utility service. In the 1960s, they operated two pieces of track: One was a several mile connection from the Crist Steam Plant, an electrical generating station north of Pensacola, out to the Louisville & Nashville. The track was installed for construction purposes and Gulf Power utilized a small 0-4-0T tank locomotive for shuttling construction equipment and generating station parts between the mainline and the site. The second group of tracks served as a staging yard at another generating plant at River Junction, Fl. The River Junction station burned Alabama coal delivered by rail from the L&N. Throughout the 1950s, Gulf Power used an L&N 0-8-0 in the yard.

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Gulf Power Company #2132

  • builder:Louisville & Nashville
  • arrangement:0-8-0 Eight-coupled
  • built:1992, South Louisville Shops
  • fuel:coal/water
  • notes:
  • 52" drivers and 23.5" x 30" cylinders
  • blt Louisville & Nashville #2132
    to Gulf Power Company #2132
    on display, Bainbridge, Ga
  • journal_rwh

    In the winter of 1959, John photographed Gulf Power's diminutive Vulcan tank engine bringing a large piece of new equipment to the steam generating plant still under construction. The crew pulled the depressed-center flatcar from the L&N interchange down toward the construction site, pausing halfway to rig up a braking system before descending a grade down to the station. As seen in the pictures below, the crew utilized a portable air compressor in order to provide brake pipe pressure for the flat car -- the locomotive's brakes were inadequate for the hill with this load. The man seen in the cab in most of these photos is Aubrey Snap -- a machinist in the plant who operated the steamer as needed.

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