Green Brothers Gravel Company

gbgc_state Green Brothers Gravel Company was a small gravel pit operation near Jenkins, Louisiana, in Washington Parish. The site employed an ex Southern Pacific 0-6-0 and an ex Gulf, Mobile & Ohio 4-6-0 (below) to shuffle gondola cars of gravel in the pit and out to interchange with the GM&O. Both locomotives are on static display at the Washington Parish Fairgrounds in Franklinton, Louisiana.

Motive Power

Green Brothers Gravel Co. #72

  • builder:American Locomotive Co.
  • arrangement:4-6-0 "Ten Wheeler"
  • built:1928
  • fuel:coal/water
  • notes:
  • ex New Orleans & Great Northern
    ex Gulf, Mobile & Ohio
    on display at Franklinton, La
  • builder
    July 2017

    While visiting family for the Christmas holidays, I finally made a trek to Franklinton to check on the condition of steamer #72 in the fairgrounds. I had not seen her since I was a kid. I was pleased to see the tall kettle under roof and covered in a recent coat of jet black paint, as opposed to out in the weather and rusting through. A sampling of my display pictures below sent to historian Louis Saillard prompted this reply:

    I appreciate the photos of NOGN 72 on display at Franklinton (which was built in 1914, and re-boilered in 1928). Your dad got some good shots of the engine in service at Franklinton, more correctly, Jenkins, not Enon. That loco was retired in 1964, the year before I got to Jenkins for the first time. The 72, was however, still intact at the pit in 1964 and looked like it could be fired up (if you didn't look too closely at the condition of the drivers).


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