Conasauga River Lumber Company

clc_state The Conasauga River Lumber Company operated a sawmill at Conasauga, Tn. The small mill operation interchanged with the Louisville & Nashville and operated a two-truck Shay built by Lima. During L&N steam specials on the famed "Hook and Eye" route in the early 1960s, the Shay was often brought out to the main line and its whistle would be harmonized with the road engine.


Conasauga River Lumber Company #112

  • builder:Lima Locomotive Works
  • arrangement:Class B 2 truck Shay
  • built:Oct 1923, Lima #3241
  • fuel:oil/water
  • notes:
  • blt Frost-Johnson Lumber Co #112
    to Louisiana & Pine Bluff #112, 1926
    to Frost Lumber Industries #112, 1935
    to Conasauga Lumber, 1950
    to Bear Creek Scenic #1923, 1966
    to Oregon Pacific & Eastern #112, 1972
    to Center for Trans & Commerce, 1978
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