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Alabama By-Products Corporation (also called ABC Coke) in Tarrant City, Alabama, north of downtown Birmingham, is the United States' largest producer of foundry coke. The company was founded in 1920 as the North Birmingham By Products Coke Oven Plant by the Sloss-Sheffield Steel & Iron Company. Since 1985, it has been a division of the Drummond Company. Until 1956, the operation was served by a pair of Word War II-era six-coupled switchers, one of which survives today at the Heart of Dixie Museum in Alabama. Foundry operations have always been supported by rail service.

Alabama By-Products #4046

builder:Lima Locomotive Works

arrangement:0-6-0 Six-coupled

type:yard switcher

built:Jan 1944, Lima #8080



blt US Army #4046
1 of 37 built for Transportation Corps
to Alabama By-Products, 1947
to Heart of Dixie Rwy Museum,1969
stored out of service


Classic Trains article / Thomas Lawson Jr. / Spring 2006 / collection

February 2010

abc4046c I was pleased to receive some correspondance from a Mr. Ralph Gibson, who found our Alabama By-Products page and wrote to share some more information about their sole surviving steamer, and more:

The picture seems to be the same locomotive. We know it as 4046, an 80 ton engine, fourth of 37 identical locomotives buuilt for the US Army. It was purchased by Alabama By-Products and Coke Company of Tarrant, Alabama and was donated to the museum on 8-18-69. I have tried to attach a file of a picture of a sign giving info on the engine. A couple of other notes related to other pictures on your site, #97 is in French Lick, Indiana at the museum there. Alger-Sullivan #100 is still in Century, Florida and has been disassembled to be cosmetically restored. The person doing the restoration is slow about completing projects so I don't know a timeline to complete the work.

An odd un-railroad-related note is that my doctor from birth until he retired was Dr. William Hawkins.

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